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VASG — Virtual Full Service Agency

Your SEO experts – Optimized inquiries, targeted new customer acquisition and sustainable sales growth.

Did you find us through Google search? This is proof of our effective SEO work!

With precise search engine optimization (SEO), we ensure that our customers find us exactly when they are looking for our services. This saves us the costs of Google Ads and achieves more clicks and impressions through organic search results. We can achieve these successes for your company too!

As an experienced SEO agency in the field of online marketing, we optimize your search engine ranking, increase your visibility and increase both the traffic to your website and your sales. Our way of working is transparent and customer-oriented in order to achieve your specific goals in the best possible way.

How do I reach Top rankings, increase my website traffic and get more customers?

How do you achieve greater visibility, increased enquiries and new customers through better Google rankings?

We are well equipped for large projects and still offer personal support. With strategic, comprehensive and targeted planning, we focus on:

Maximum SEO optimization for first-class search results – your trusted SEO agency!
Our proven techniques guarantee success with both your customers and search engines. We use a precise and strategic approach to SEO optimization. An essential part of our method is the comprehensive optimization of your website so that it is presented in the best possible way for both search engines and visitors. This includes technical adjustments, the targeted improvement of content and the optimization of the user experience. While we take care of the entire optimization of your website, you always retain full control and overview of all measures and their results.
VASG — Virtual Full Service Agency

Based on your specific online marketing goals and a thorough SEO analysis, our experts identify the optimal keywords, develop individual content and carry out technical optimizations of your website. With a continuous and organic development of backlinks, targeted content marketing and regular adjustments, we ensure that you not only reach top positions on Google and other search engines, but also secure them permanently. Our SEO advice and support guarantees you long-term success.

Your benefits through targeted SEO optimization

How we work as an SEO agency

Our process begins with a detailed initial consultation in which we define your goals and expectations precisely. We develop a tailor-made strategy to achieve these goals.

We will keep you informed throughout the entire collaboration. You will receive regular updates in the form of detailed technical reports, comprehensive keyword analyses and competitive analyses tailored specifically to your industry.

Our experts take a close look at your website. We analyze the traffic, check the organic keywords and develop a well-thought-out SEO strategy. With this strategy, we increase the awareness of your brand and successfully implement your goals.

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Our SEO specialists examine your website thoroughly and create a comprehensive report on the current status. Based on these findings, we develop an individual strategy and set specific goals and KPIs. You will be regularly informed about the progress of the project and always keep an overview.

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Keyword analysis

We identify and analyze targeted keywords that make your products, services and brand visible to potential customers, such as "24-hour care." We use precise data and reliable tools to ensure that we identify the most effective search terms.

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Competitive and market analysis

After we have identified the appropriate keywords, we analyze your competition in detail. By evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, we develop strategies that will help you stand out from the competition and gain a competitive advantage.

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Comprehensive analysis of all marketing channels

Our SEO agency goes far beyond optimization for Google. We look at your entire marketing ecosystem. Our experts examine all relevant channels, identify weaknesses and potential and discuss these in detail with you in order to develop a holistic and effective strategy.

VASG - FULL SERVICE AGENCY FOR WEB DESIGN, WEB DEVELOPMENT, CONTENT AND MARKETING A woman works late at her desk in the office, concentrating on marketing strategies while glancing at her smartwatch, whose computer screen displays data charts.

Development and implementation of the SEO strategy

Based on the identified keywords, we develop a targeted content strategy. At the same time, we begin with the technical optimization of your website. We eliminate existing errors and consistently implement the planned SEO measures to improve the visibility and performance of your site.

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Optimizing the conversion rate

To ensure that visitors become buyers, we make targeted improvements to your website. We analyze each page thoroughly and optimize visual elements, content and technical aspects. Using systematic A/B testing, we determine the best methods to increase your conversion rate.

VASG - FULL SERVICE AGENCY FOR web design, web development, content and marketing Person points to graphics and charts on a clipboard and analyzes marketing data, a blurry green plant can be seen in the background.

Monitoring and reporting

Our success is transparent and easy for you to understand at any time. We continuously provide you with comprehensive reports and analyses on the SEO measures implemented and their effects. This means we can react immediately to potential problems and you are always well informed.

VASG SEO Agency: Our Services
Our agency offers comprehensive skills in on-page and off-page optimization to sustainably improve the performance and visibility of your website.

Our approaches to on-page optimization

Identifying relevant keywords

Conducting extensive research to identify the most effective keywords for your website.

Review of website structure

Detailed analysis of website architecture and navigation to improve technology and usability.

Optimization of meta elements

Customize title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and other HTML components to increase click-through rates.

Content optimization

Creating and refining unique, high-quality and keyword-rich content.

Image optimization

Enhance images with alt tags, captions, and optimized file names to increase visibility and structure.

Improve internal linking

Optimizing internal links to increase user-friendliness and better navigation on the website.

Ensuring crawlability and indexability

Reviewing all pages to ensure they can be optimally read and indexed by search engines.

Mobile Optimization

Adaptation and design of the website for optimal performance and display on mobile devices.

Using Schema Markup

Implementing schema markup to improve visibility and placement in rich snippets.

Technical analysis and monitoring

Regular monitoring and analysis of technical key figures for continuous optimization and adaptation.

Our off-page optimization strategies

Analysis of the backlink profile

Evaluating and reviewing the existing backlink profile to identify weaknesses and opportunities for building new links.

Investigation of competitors

Detailed analysis of your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to outperform them.

Content marketing strategy

Development and implementation of targeted content marketing measures to promote your content and build high-quality backlinks.

Optimizing your social media presence

Improving your social media profiles and content to increase visibility, encourage engagement and generate more traffic.

Monitoring and reporting

Continuous monitoring of important KPIs and regular reporting to identify optimization potential.

Collaboration with influencers

Partnering with influencers in your industry to promote your website and content and gain valuable backlinks.

Online reputation management

Carrying out targeted PR activities to increase brand awareness and generate high-quality backlinks.

Monitoring brand mentions

Tracking mentions of your brand and reaching out to supplement with links.

Creation of infographics

Design and produce informative infographics that are shared and linked to by other websites to increase traffic and visibility.

Video content development

Creating and publishing videos on platforms like YouTube to gain backlinks through embeds.

Our results speak for themselves! Effective web design and web development strategies ensure high visibility, strong traffic and significant increases in sales.

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