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SEA agency – experts for targeted lead generation and sales growth

An SEA agency, formerly known as AdWords, specializes in increasing its clients' online visibility and sales by managing and optimizing advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads.

At VASG, we understand that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer customized solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements. Our experienced SEA specialists work closely with you to develop a customized strategy that will both increase your online presence and ensure sustainable success.

Through targeted ads placed above the search results, you can reach your target audience exactly when they are looking for your products or services. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is one of the most effective strategies in online marketing and always delivers measurable results. The success of your advertising campaigns depends heavily on precise planning, setup and ongoing management. Only with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience can you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Advantages of optimized advertising campaigns by our agency

Our SEA experts at VASG optimize your advertising campaigns with the goal of achieving high-performing ads at minimal cost. By precisely adapting your campaigns to the respective platforms and the search intent of your target group, we maximize the cost-to-conversion ratio.

VASG — Virtual Full Service Agency

What does a professional advertising agency offer you?

Why VASG as your advertising agency? Your advantages at a glance

Whether you want to advertise on the Search Network or the Display Network, there are numerous ad and campaign models to choose from. At VASG, we develop customized strategies that bring your company relevant page views and reliable sales. We go beyond the classic approaches and integrate other marketing areas to offer you comprehensive and effective solutions.

Clear & Transparent

Many advertising agencies take over your accounts and leave you in the dark about how they work. At VASG, you always remain in control and have full access to all accounts and data. This means you can always see what we are doing and what results we are achieving.

Tailor-made & Sustainable

Every company has unique requirements, and at VASG we tailor our strategies to those needs. We don't have standard solutions. We develop unique strategies aimed at ensuring your long-term success.

Personal & Adaptable

At VASG, you have a dedicated contact person who communicates with you regularly and is available to address your concerns at any time. We always remain flexible and can implement adjustments or new campaigns quickly and efficiently to ensure that your advertising measures always run optimally.

Planned steps for your success – With VASG to successful advertising campaigns

From the initial analysis to the ongoing support and optimization of your campaigns: To guarantee you the best results, we follow a structured process. Each measure builds on the previous one and follows a clear strategy that we develop together with you. This way, we ensure that your campaigns are always effective and geared toward long-term success.

At VASG, your success is our focus. Our collaboration begins with a thorough consultation with our experts. We identify your goals for paid ads and explain the different options available to you. Together, we develop a tailor-made strategy and create the first draft of your campaign.

After you have given your consent, we will implement your campaigns and take over their ongoing support and monitoring. To ensure transparency at all times, we create individual dashboards on which you can clearly see the most important performance indicators and results. Based on the ongoing monitoring and the initial results, we will continuously optimize your campaigns and adapt them proactively.

At VASG, we see ourselves not just as a service provider, but as your strategic partner. We focus on long-term relationships and aim to ensure that every measure we implement promotes your company's growth. By continuously developing your campaigns, we strive for sustainable success for your company.

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Effective advertising campaigns – We offer the entire spectrum of successful search engine marketing (SEM).

Search engine advertising is one of the most versatile and precise advertising methods. Ads can be tailored precisely to specific target groups and achieve an impressive reach. With search engine ads and SEA, you can reach your customers directly and increase your conversion rates in no time.

Take advantage of the diverse possibilities of online advertising and rely on an agency that combines all SEA areas in a tailor-made strategy. We offer comprehensive services that cover all facets of modern search engine and display advertising.

VASG is not only your reliable partner for SEA – we are also your SEO expertswhen it comes to ranking high in organic search results. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive services!

Make sure that potential customers notice you exactly when they are looking for your products! Your ads appear specifically for relevant search queries and are prominently displayed above the organic search results. Use keywords that are difficult to optimize and supplement your organic traffic.

Captivate your target audience with individual banners! With banner advertising, you increase the awareness of your brand and use visual stimuli to stay in people's minds. Increase traffic to your website at lower CPC and reach targeted interest groups. Your advertising also appears on numerous platforms outside of the search engines.

Connect your apps directly with your customers! Strengthen your presence in the app market and have ads automatically displayed to interested users. Increase the number of downloads and encourage user interaction with your app.

Reach your target group directly in their inbox! Address potential customers who are also of interest to your competitors. Use personalized ads or ready-made templates and reach your target group with the right keywords by email.

Use YouTube for your video formats and engage your target audience! Increase brand awareness and present your products or messages without restrictions. Publish videos specifically for your target groups and strengthen engagement. Direct viewers directly to your website.

Promote your product range with shopping ads! These appear next to the organic results and show the product, price and brand at a glance. Target customers who are ready to buy and direct them directly to the product page.

Re-engage visitors who left your website without making a purchase! Use targeted advertising to display relevant products and show ads to users who abandoned their purchase. Redirect interest back to your offers and re-engage former visitors with relevant keywords.

Reach up to 3 billion users with Discovery Ads. Present your products and services with striking images and videos. Your ads appear on numerous platforms and channels based on interests, behavior and location data.

Achieve maximum results with Performance Max campaigns, driven by AI automation. Benefit from smart AI that delivers your advertising across all platforms in a targeted and data-driven manner.
Google Ads FAQs – Your Complete Guide

An ads agency provides you with the expertise, experience and resources needed to create, manage and continuously optimize effective ads and display campaigns, helping you achieve a higher ROI and use your advertising spend more effectively and efficiently.

As an experienced ads agency, VASG takes over the complete management of your ads account. We analyze existing campaigns, make optimizations where necessary and develop new, targeted campaigns. You have access to your account at any time and receive regular updates on our measures and successes.

Yes, at VASG you retain full control over your Ads account and can change or adjust campaigns yourself at any time. We believe in transparency and collaboration and only ask our customers to inform us of changes to ensure the best possible coordination.

A major advantage of online advertising is the ability to measure results precisely. We work with you to define the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) and use this data to check whether the goals have been achieved. Ads campaigns focus on sales and conversions in relation to advertising spend. You can see exactly which campaigns are achieving the best ROI and how they are performing in relation to your goals.
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